What I'm All About

I’ve been taking photos since I can remember. I used to take my mom’s empty disposable cameras and point and shoot for days on end, even though there were no physical prints to look forward to– I simply enjoyed searching for beauty through the viewfinder of the camera. My fondness for film photography trickled into my early teens when I purchased my first 35mm camera. It was a Pentax ME Super and my rolls of film effortlessly filled with photos of my grinning friends, sunbeams, and concerts that I frequented every weekend in downtown Phoenix.

I was introduced to digital photography toward the end of high school and began taking portraits of everyone and everything around me. I did it for fun. Even though it was a fully satisfying and rewarding experience for me, I never imagined it possible to take it on as a career just a few years later. I pursued Cinema at Glendale Community College, followed with a Communications degree at Arizona State University. Throughout my education, I continued to hone my craft as a photographer and filmmaker, creating visual art or photographing weddings + events every weekend. Here we are, six years later, and I get to capture love, happiness and all the big and little feelings that come in between it as a full time “job” (job is in air quotes because pursuing my dreams hardly feels like work).

All of my clients soon become my friends, because creating connections is the foundation behind my business. I will come to the barbecue that you hold on the eve of your wedding (only if invited, of course!), I will talk to all of your loved ones and will listen to the hilarious and not-so-fun stories that you and significant other have already created with one another. I will hang out with the kids, the grandparents and even the pets. I know that being in front of a camera can be an incredibly vulnerable experience, but I will go above and beyond just to make sure you’re as comfortable as one can be with their wedding documenter.

I want to capture your true selves, your quirkiness, the fiery side, the soft side, the way you light up when you see your person, the teasing, the laughs and mostly, the love.

So send me a message, and let’s create something wildly beautiful together.